Thai Spouse

Thai Spouse

For those mar­ried to a Thai national and wish­ing to relo­cate to Thai­land, we can assist you in obtain­ing a Non-Immigrant-O Visa. This type of visa can be applied for from out­side or inside Thai­land*. This visa must be renewed each year. After a Non-Immigrant-O Visa has been obtained, you may also apply for a work per­mit.

The fol­low­ing doc­u­ments are required to apply for NON-IMMIGRANT– O visa:

  • Orig­i­nal pass­port (Valid for no less than 6 months).
  • 3 pass­port style pic­tures of 2×2 cm.
  • 1 copy of house reg­is­tra­tion of Thai spouse with signature.
  • 1 copy of iden­tity card of Thai spouse with signature.
  • 1 copy of mar­riage cer­tifi­cate with sig­na­ture of both hus­band and wife.
  • 1 copy of birth cer­tifi­cate of any accom­pa­ny­ing children.
  • 1 copy of house reg­is­tra­tion doc­u­ment of any accom­pa­ny­ing child.
  • 1 copy of bank state­ment with sig­na­ture and a bal­ance of at least 400,000 Baht.
  • 10 pic­tures of wed­ding day includ­ing with chil­dren (size of 4×6 cm).

*To apply for a visa from within Thai­land, one’s cur­rent tourist visa should have a remain­ing valid­ity of at least 3 — 4 weeks to ensure time for pro­cess­ing.

Apply and receive a sin­gle entry, 3 months NON-IMMIGRANT-O

Pro­vide all above doc­u­ments and send to Visatogo. We will orga­nize the appoint­ment with the immi­gra­tion and make sure that all your doc­u­ments are in order. For­eigner, Thai spouse and any chil­dren must be present for the appoint­ment at the Chaeng Wat­tana immi­gra­tion office.

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