Thailand Board of Investment (BOI)

The incorporation and certificate of amendment. The application for tax identification numbers and tax registration. Obtaining and renewing licenses factory. Obtaining and renewing Visa-Work Permit and the import - export services. Including providing ISO.
Currently, there are investors interested to invest in Thailand. From various businesses Both companies registered in the country The business has been the promotion of Investment (BOI) and investors from abroad. Each business will have different needs. But the problem is that the investor. Investors still lack knowledge and understanding of the stages of the work. To liaise with various government agencies, including the Office of Investment, investor associations, the Department of Customs, Immigration, the Department of Employment, Department of Commerce,

Ministry of Industry and the Department of Revenue, the company will provide. service to investors from the outset. Until the end of all the work and provide advice on various matters. To be useful to investors as possible.
We have gained the trust of investors from overseas, including Japan, China, America, etc. The services provided to investors, such that the company does not just give advice or just acting just fill out and submit the form only. However, to maintain the interests of the company.

our services

-Investment Promotion
-Machine Master list and Annual Renewal Machine
-Max Stock / Raw material Master List / Formulation and Annual Renewal Raw Material
-Full Operation License Project)
-Order release machinery, Order materials and Cutting stock Machinery / Material / Scrap
-Work Permits & Visas)
-Epz , Fz (Service For Import-Export Boi, 19Bis, Epz, Fz)
-Licensing facilities and Annual Renewal Licensing facilities
-Customs Department Services
-ISO (ISO Services) (Service for Training Law Regulations and Privilege BOI, Customs, and Revenue)

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